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Erik Norgaard norgaard at
Sat Oct 14 05:39:36 PDT 2006

Beech Rintoul wrote:
> I'm getting a ton of spam every day  that comes from China, Japan and Korea. 
> Spam Assassin completely ignores it because it has all non-english characters 
> and slows kmail to a crawl loading. Is there a way to filter on non-english 
> either using Spam Assassin or procmail? 

I get none after adding simple filter rules for postfix:

# Accepted mime headers: (ASCII, UTF-8 and ISO-8859-X)
     OK     HDR2000 Accepted charset: $1

Strictly you can reject every other characterset, but I chose to make it 

# Reject specific character sets
# Chinese, Japanese and Korean
     REJECT HDR2100: Unaccepted character set: "$1"
     REJECT HDR2110: Unaccepted character set: "$1"
     REJECT HDR2120: Unaccepted character set: "$1"
# Cyrrilic character sets: Russian/Ukrainian
     REJECT HDR2200: Unaccepted character set: "$1"
     REJECT HDR2210: Unaccepted character set: "$1"

And then you may want a catchup rule to catch unknown character sets.

     WARN   HDR2299: Unknown character set: "$1"

you may change WARN to REJECT.

I have noted however, that some subscribers to this list write english 
encoded in one of the above character sets, I don't know enough about 
the character set definition, but it seems that English characters are a 
subset of any character set?

What is the recommended policy here? Should subscribers be advised to 
change character set when posting to the list?

Cheers, Erik
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