Ruby gaining weight?

Dimitar Vasilev dimitar.vassilev at
Wed Oct 4 11:05:50 PDT 2006

Man try portupgrade -P as a cure.
It's not 100% solution, but it's better that stabbing your machines to
Else build the package on another host and update your machines with it.
For piggy questions - cannot answer. Sorry

2006/10/2, Pete Slagle <freebsd-questions at>:
> Recent versions of ruby18 seem to take more than 145 MB of virtual
> memory to build with portupgrade or "make install clean."
> I have several "classic" boxes running bind and a mail MTA on 4.11 that
> are memory-limited, but otherwise work well. The main boards are maxed
> out at 64 MB of RAM, and they have 128 MB of swap. The ruby build fails
> as swap space becomes exhausted.
> Sure, I could reorganize the hard drives on these boxes to add more
> swap, but nothing else needs more that a few KB. Moreover, rebuilding
> the hard drives is to be avoided since these machines are part of a
> basic infrastructure that has been stable for years.
> Is ruby really that piggy, or do I just have a configuration issue?
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