Monitoring Server Health

Howard Jones howie at
Sun Jun 25 12:03:40 UTC 2006

Jerlique Bahn wrote:
> Actually mrtg is used to graph the results of the program that I am looking
> for.  
> So to clarify my initial request, what I am seeking recommendations for is
> the program that collects the information, such as server load, temperature,
> open tcp connections etc of the freebsd server itself.
> I already have the program to process the data, of which part of this
> solution is mrtg.
net-snmp will do this for you over a network, if that's what you are 
after. There are additional MIBs to cover most/all of the things you 
list, and it's not too hard to extend with any custom monitoring you 
need (I've extended mine to monitor some qmail-specific variables, for 
instance). It's in ports as net-mgmt/net-snmp.

There's quite a bit of overlap between some data-processing apps and the 
data-collection part though. For instance, Cacti is a MRTG-alike with a 
nice web UI, but it also has some of the data collection scripts you 
might need, similarly with Remstats, if it is still developed. Either 
way, it'd be an unusual data-collection/data-processing admin tool that 
didn't understand SNMP.

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