Monitoring Server Health

Jerlique Bahn jerlique at
Thu Jun 29 01:21:04 UTC 2006

> > So to clarify my initial request, what I am seeking recommendations for
> is
> > the program that collects the information, such as server load,
> temperature,
> > open tcp connections etc of the freebsd server itself.
> >
> > I already have the program to process the data, of which part of this
> > solution is mrtg.
> >
> net-snmp will do this for you over a network, if that's what you are
> after. There are additional MIBs to cover most/all of the things you
> list, and it's not too hard to extend with any custom monitoring you
> need (I've extended mine to monitor some qmail-specific variables, for
> instance). It's in ports as net-mgmt/net-snmp.

Great stuff.  Thank you for this. I've installed and played around with this
and it seems that snmpd will do what I want at this stage.

> There's quite a bit of overlap between some data-processing apps and the
> data-collection part though. For instance, Cacti is a MRTG-alike with a
> nice web UI, but it also has some of the data collection scripts you
> might need, similarly with Remstats, if it is still developed. Either
> way, it'd be an unusual data-collection/data-processing admin tool that
> didn't understand SNMP.

Well, these programs are "data collection/processing" orientated, as opposed
to providing the raw data which is what I was looking for. This raw data
will be used my by Nagios and mrtg etc to make alerts and graphs

Many thanks!


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