Simple DNS For Private LAN

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Fri Jun 23 15:44:52 UTC 2006

If you're getting a static IP, then you can become master for your
domain, but you'll still need a secondary NS, and most (if not all)
registrars will require that the secondary NS be on a different IP. I
prefer to have mine on a completely seperate Class A, but that's just
personal. I'd leave as the secondary NS. Both name
servers will be master for the domain. Master just means that the name
server won't try to look elsewherefor the info, IIRC, and you don't
want these name servers to look elsewhere. Yes you can break a lot of
stuff with wrong DNS, but it really isn't that complicated. Don't

As a side note, if you really are a DNS newb, here's some (hopefully
funny) reading. I can take no credit for this, and I don't have the
original link.

On 6/23/06, Drew Tomlinson <drew at> wrote:
> I'm having a hard time understanding what I need to do.  I have a small
> home network that uses a 3Com DSL modem/router as the last hop to the
> Internet.  Currently, the DSL modem/router to provides DNS for both my
> home network and the Internet.  Basically I have a few static entries
> for machines on my home network and then the DSL modem/router queries my
> ISPs name servers for everything else.
> When I registered my domain, I used ZoneEdit as my name servers.  'whois
>' gives this output:
> domain:
> owner-name:     Drew Tomlinson
> nserver:
> nserver:
> Now I'm changing ISPs and the DSL modem/router will be removed.  I am
> going to use a FBSD 6.x box to be my router, firewall, and DNS server.
> I read the handbook regarding DNS but remain confused.  Should I be a
> master for  I'm thinking not because ZoneEdit is the
> master, correct?  So should I be a slave?  And if I'm a slave, will my
> DNS get it's updates from ZoneEdit?  Or should I become master for my
> zone and make ZoneEdit a backup DNS?
> I'm a complete newbie to DNS but know that it's important to get it
> right or lots of stuff gets broken.  Can someone please guide me in the
> right direction?  I don't mind reading if you send me a link.  :)
> Thanks,
> Drew
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