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Drew Tomlinson drew at
Fri Jun 23 16:22:06 UTC 2006

On 6/23/2006 8:44 AM Andy Greenwood wrote:
> If you're getting a static IP, then you can become master for your
> domain, but you'll still need a secondary NS, and most (if not all)

Whoops, I forgot about needing a static IP.  I don't have one currently 
and I don't know if the new IP will be static or dynamic.  Probably 
dynamic but I will check.

> registrars will require that the secondary NS be on a different IP. I
> prefer to have mine on a completely seperate Class A, but that's just
> personal. I'd leave as the secondary NS. Both name
> servers will be master for the domain. Master just means that the name
> server won't try to look elsewherefor the info, IIRC, and you don't
> want these name servers to look elsewhere. Yes you can break a lot of
> stuff with wrong DNS, but it really isn't that complicated. Don't
> worry.

So can I set up a "master" on my home network and just leave ZoneEdit 
alone?  Then machines on my home network will query my local name server 
and the rest of the world will continue to use ZoneEdit?

> As a side note, if you really are a DNS newb, here's some (hopefully
> funny) reading. I can take no credit for this, and I don't have the
> original link.




> On 6/23/06, Drew Tomlinson <drew at> wrote:
>> I'm having a hard time understanding what I need to do.  I have a small
>> home network that uses a 3Com DSL modem/router as the last hop to the
>> Internet.  Currently, the DSL modem/router to provides DNS for both my
>> home network and the Internet.  Basically I have a few static entries
>> for machines on my home network and then the DSL modem/router queries my
>> ISPs name servers for everything else.
>> When I registered my domain, I used ZoneEdit as my name servers.  'whois
>>' gives this output:
>> domain:
>> owner-name:     Drew Tomlinson
>> nserver:
>> nserver:
>> Now I'm changing ISPs and the DSL modem/router will be removed.  I am
>> going to use a FBSD 6.x box to be my router, firewall, and DNS server.
>> I read the handbook regarding DNS but remain confused.  Should I be a
>> master for  I'm thinking not because ZoneEdit is the
>> master, correct?  So should I be a slave?  And if I'm a slave, will my
>> DNS get it's updates from ZoneEdit?  Or should I become master for my
>> zone and make ZoneEdit a backup DNS?
>> I'm a complete newbie to DNS but know that it's important to get it
>> right or lots of stuff gets broken.  Can someone please guide me in the
>> right direction?  I don't mind reading if you send me a link.  :)
>> Thanks,
>> Drew
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