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Danial Thom danial_thom at
Wed Jun 21 00:55:33 UTC 2006

--- Jim Stapleton <stapleton.41 at> wrote:

> Mr. Hoffman, I'm surprised this hasn't been
> said, and I'm probably
> overstepping my bounds by saying this, but I've
> been following this
> topic, and I have trouble seeing it as anything
> but trolling. The
> freeBSD groups have always been excessively
> helpful and friendly, and
> you've done alot to insult and antagonize them
> due to the actions of
> *ONE* local group, that is not even related to
> the general groups you
> posted this too. These people on the general
> freebsd have a nice group
> without the trolling and antagonizing seen all
> over other similar
> groups. Please be more considerate and
> respectful with your claims and
> requests so that their forums can stay that
> way.
> > 3) While you might want to refer to me as a
> name-caller, litigious, and
> > puerile, it's far from clear that FreeBSD
> doesn't have political ties when
> > the leaders of FreeBSD groups actively
> campaign for partially restricting
> > people's ability to communicate in any
> language but English.  Even if you
> > ignored these extracuricular activities,
> though, you'd still be faced with
> > the fact that FreeBSD is de jure politicized
> in favor of many things,
> > including free software.
> Interesting you put this here, from a previous
> post:
> > I'm not directly attacking your group.  If
> you're not political, and I'm
> > arguing against something political, how
> could I possibly be 'attacking'
> > your group?
> These two in conjunction, both from you,
> technically count as libel I
> believe, you are making comments towards a
> group, such as calling them
> biggots, and then saying you know it's not
> true. Also, calling someone
> something, when they are not is still
> offensive: If I called you a
> "rabid dog", obviously a false statement, I am
> sure you would be
> offended.
> Also, as to the prohibiting people from
> communicating in languages
> other than english, partially or otherwise, I'm
> sorry, but... A 3/4ths
> blind guy who is impatient and doesn't like
> spending time searching
> for things can find mailing lists for DOZENS of
> of languages... Look
> harder. Now each of these /IS/ language
> specific - but that makes
> sense, the idea here is COMMUNICATION. Ich kann
> auf Deutch sprechen,
> aber hier Ich kann nicht auf Deutch Verbindung
> stehen. In english, I
> can speak in German, but I cannot communicate
> in German here - most
> here (not all) don't speak it. I wouldn't go to
> a German, French,
> Spanish, Japanese, Portugese, etc. etc. etc.
> mailing list and expect
> them to respond to me in English, or be
> anything but offended at my
> arrogance of posting there in English.

Its not illegal or libelous to dictate an
official language, nor is it to call someone a
bigot or rascist, since its a subjective opinion
that can't be proven one way or another. You can
also freely call someone an idiot or a fool,
which I do quite often.

Most people are bigots, in that they prefer their
own language, their favorite OS, their own race,

The world cup is prima-fascie evidence of bigotry
in the world. Game on!


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