Serious breach of copyright -- First post

Jim Stapleton stapleton.41 at
Wed Jun 21 00:27:00 UTC 2006

Mr. Hoffman, I'm surprised this hasn't been said, and I'm probably
overstepping my bounds by saying this, but I've been following this
topic, and I have trouble seeing it as anything but trolling. The
freeBSD groups have always been excessively helpful and friendly, and
you've done alot to insult and antagonize them due to the actions of
*ONE* local group, that is not even related to the general groups you
posted this too. These people on the general freebsd have a nice group
without the trolling and antagonizing seen all over other similar
groups. Please be more considerate and respectful with your claims and
requests so that their forums can stay that way.

> 3) While you might want to refer to me as a name-caller, litigious, and
> puerile, it's far from clear that FreeBSD doesn't have political ties when
> the leaders of FreeBSD groups actively campaign for partially restricting
> people's ability to communicate in any language but English.  Even if you
> ignored these extracuricular activities, though, you'd still be faced with
> the fact that FreeBSD is de jure politicized in favor of many things,
> including free software.

Interesting you put this here, from a previous post:

> I'm not directly attacking your group.  If you're not political, and I'm
> arguing against something political, how could I possibly be 'attacking'
> your group?

These two in conjunction, both from you, technically count as libel I
believe, you are making comments towards a group, such as calling them
biggots, and then saying you know it's not true. Also, calling someone
something, when they are not is still offensive: If I called you a
"rabid dog", obviously a false statement, I am sure you would be

Also, as to the prohibiting people from communicating in languages
other than english, partially or otherwise, I'm sorry, but... A 3/4ths
blind guy who is impatient and doesn't like spending time searching
for things can find mailing lists for DOZENS of of languages... Look
harder. Now each of these /IS/ language specific - but that makes
sense, the idea here is COMMUNICATION. Ich kann auf Deutch sprechen,
aber hier Ich kann nicht auf Deutch Verbindung stehen. In english, I
can speak in German, but I cannot communicate in German here - most
here (not all) don't speak it. I wouldn't go to a German, French,
Spanish, Japanese, Portugese, etc. etc. etc. mailing list and expect
them to respond to me in English, or be anything but offended at my
arrogance of posting there in English.

> 4) Discussions of copyright seem appropriate for freebsd-standard, since any
> reputable organization that publishes material with computers today makes a
> good faith effort to ensure they do not violate any copyright.  It is
> therefore a de facto standard.

But all groups at once? Just because they all fit the topic, doesn't
change the fact that you are willingly and wontonly breaking the rule.

Interestingly enough, I do agree with your first point that the
copyright needed to be taken care of, but you could have handled this
infinetly more effectively.

Thank you,
-Jim Stapleton

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