FreeBSD is #1

Sergio Lenzi lenzi at
Tue Jun 13 01:19:06 UTC 2006

> While trying to introduce FreeBSD into a Micro$oft only house, I've heard the 
> following many times:
> "Never heard of FreeBSD" and "Show me some documentation and stats".
> Regardless of the actual version, the stats are accurate for those providers. 
> They reflect overall uptime and connectivity. This isn't about version, it's 
> about FreeBSD gaining a firmer foothold in a Micro$oft / Linux dominant 
> world. Personally, I'll take all the help I can get.
> 'nuff said,
> Beech

Here we try to offer the FreeBSD to the "concorrents"  of the house...
as the
concorrents now have less cost,  more reliable servers, and a good
group/collaborative server running on FreeBSD 6.X..
they still can use the corporate software (via terminal server,
rdesktop)... now
they use internet (epiphany) email (evolution, linked with the
open-xchange server)
office (via openoffice 2.0.2)  about 1200 thin clients (64Mb memory,
400mhz  geode cpu...)
and about 6 FreeBSD servers... soon they will have to rethink next year
budget...  it will
be impossible to change 400 or more computers to 64 bit architeture for
run next 
Microsoft vista... at about 1000 dollars (or more) for a hardware +
software upgrade....

Only an upgrade of the Microsoft exchange server how much will cost??? 

Well the "concorrent" of the same business have it running now, on the
running FreeBSD, gnome 2.15 with hal  ->   

How much does this all cost???  about 50 dollars/user/year.. including

An average user (the less he know windows, better) is able to use the
full power
of the system with about 3 hours of trying... 90% of the users have been
using the
system with only the help from the "neighbors" ... 
Only the "best ones" (those who earn more salary, because have many
from microsoft)  were still looking for the "C" drive,  or the "outlook"
use email... a day or two after...

I know that there are advertyzing... in the news telling that using
Microsoft is
cheaper and better.... is up to you to believe...

Here we used to say that Microsoft builds   "full informational
computerized tables"
a table where you can scan, print, produce document, some work, play
video, some games...   

But a bunch (no mather what is the number of...) tables does not means
"informated"  company... 

I came from SUN... where the computer is the network... when i need
something I get from the network... 

Why do I need a "printer driver"  what is a "C" drive??? what is a
how can  a teen ager in a high school in another part of the world can
my computer??? why do I need to pay for protection??? 
Here in my country is illegal... All I want do to is to do my job... 


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