Configuring FreeBSD for use as an interactive kiosk

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> Hi,
> I'm involved with a museum which has a standalone interactive kiosk. The 
> system runs an Apache2 server with PHP and MySQL on Windows XP. The 
> problem is that Windows XP keeps becoming corrupted as a result of the 
> machine being switched on and off at random (by staff, kids etc.).
> Currently, the museum management is very open to switching to FreeBSD or 
> similar - provided I can *completely* bulletproof the box against 
> arbitrary power-cycling (I can't always be there to manually run fsck 
> etc.).


I was once involved running one of our library application in so
called 'library buses' which are connected via GPRS and Internet
to the central library and the readers of the library could borrow
books in the bus at dedicated stations of the tour. Borrowing and
book return was made directly in the central database (just for 
background). The personal in the bus is a mix of driver and librarian
without deep system knowhow and so we had the same problem to solve:
just powering-off the system before going to next station :-)

I tested a self-mastered Knopix-CD, ie enhanced the Knopix-CD with
our look&feel and application clients, and so you had a read-only
and for ever booting system.

Don't know (and I'm to lazy to Google) if there is a FreeBSD live-CD
project, sure it has to be...


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