Configuring FreeBSD for use as an interactive kiosk

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Thu Jun 8 13:28:16 UTC 2006


I'm involved with a museum which has a standalone interactive kiosk. The 
system runs an Apache2 server with PHP and MySQL on Windows XP. The 
problem is that Windows XP keeps becoming corrupted as a result of the 
machine being switched on and off at random (by staff, kids etc.).

Currently, the museum management is very open to switching to FreeBSD or 
similar - provided I can *completely* bulletproof the box against 
arbitrary power-cycling (I can't always be there to manually run fsck 

I'd welcome any advice and suggestions about how to do this. Currently the 
information on the system is updated in situ so the file systems can't 
be made read only (any ideas on how we could split the updating from the 
deployment welcome). We also need to find a way of turning firefox into a 
kiosk browser.




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