PostGIS LDFLAGS question on 4.11

Toomas Aas toomas.aas at
Thu Jun 8 12:20:35 UTC 2006


I'm planning to install PostgreSQL 8.1 along with PostGIS and GEOS,
from ports. Unfortunately, the server's operating system where I
do this is 4.11 and it can't be easily upgraded.

I found the following note in PostGIS documentation:

If you plan to use GEOS functionality you might need to explicitly link
PostgreSQL against the standard C++ library:

LDFLAGS=-lstdc++ ./configure [YOUR OPTIONS HERE]

This is a workaround for bogus C++ exceptions interaction with older
development tools. If you experience weird problems (backend unexpectedly
closed or similar things) try this trick. This will require recompiling
your PostgreSQL from scratch, of course.

I think that GCC 2.95 as found in FreeBSD 4 may qualify as an "older
development tool"? I already installed GEOS and it pulled in lang/gcc34
as a dependency, but it seems that databases/postgresql81-server is going
to be built with base system gcc. Is it likely to lead to the conflict
described above?

Is anyone running PostgreSQL + PostGIS on FreeBSD 4 and did you find it
necessary to use this LDFLAGS trick?

Toomas Aas

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