Configuring FreeBSD for use as an interactive kiosk

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Thu Jun 8 21:30:46 UTC 2006

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> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm involved with a museum which has a standalone interactive kiosk. The
> > system runs an Apache2 server with PHP and MySQL on Windows XP. The
> > problem is that Windows XP keeps becoming corrupted as a result of the
> > machine being switched on and off at random (by staff, kids etc.).
> >
> > Currently, the museum management is very open to switching to FreeBSD or
> > similar - provided I can *completely* bulletproof the box against
> > arbitrary power-cycling (I can't always be there to manually run fsck
> > etc.).

Google for 'KDE Kiosk". There is at at least one project I used two
years ago to completely lock down a FreeBSD box using KDE and Firefox
(firebird at the time, I think)
You shouldn't have power-off issues if you never write data to the
drive, kind of tricky unless you make it a near-disktless system that
runs firefox off a network drive.

> Don't know (and I'm to lazy to Google) if there is a FreeBSD live-CD
> project, sure it has to be...

FreeSBIE 2 is nearing release.

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