SCSI on v6.0

a non y mouse anonymous at
Mon Jan 30 23:29:52 PST 2006

> On the same subject,
> Q: What is the best way to proceed with formating and partitioning the 
> drives?
> Redo installation process, or is there away to set them up without 
> reinstallation?
> I will want to assign one of the SCSI drives to the /usr file system and 
> the other
> to the /var file system when the one ATA drive that is being used has it 
> all now.
> Anyhow, I'm being lazy with this query and I do intend to RTFM.

You can check to see if your drive was detected via dmesg. It should 
appear as daN (N being a number).

You can run sysinstall and set up new disks at any time.

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