SCSI on v6.0

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Mon Jan 30 23:28:43 PST 2006

On 1/30/06, je killen <jekillen at> wrote:

> I am using LSI Logic adapter
> card (haven't checked for
> specific FreeBSD support).

>From /usr/src/sys/i386/conf/GENERIC:
device          mpt             # LSI-Logic MPT-Fusion
so typing
dmesg -a | grep mpt
should give you an indication if these are probing
and probing correctly.

> Q: Is this in fact true (v6.0 has SCSI support by default)?

For as long as I've been using (sic) FreeBSD, at least some
common SCSI has been in the GENERIC kernel.

> On the same subject,
> Q: What is the best way to proceed with formating and partitioning the
> drives?
> Redo installation process, or is there away to set them up without
> reinstallation?

sysnstall is easier for a newbie, bsdlabel and newfs are
much more flexible and much simpler once you understand
the syntax.

> I will want to assign one of the SCSI drives to the /usr file system
> and the other
> to the /var file system when the one ATA drive that is being used has
> it all now.

I would label and newfs the partitions, then:
mount /dev/da0a /mnt/usr
mount /dev/da1a /mnt/var
(you can't just type these in and expect them to work as shown)
pax -r -w -p e -X /usr/ /mnt/usr
(same thing for var)
ee /etc/fstab
(you might also want to boot into single user mode to clear the
old /usr and /var mount points, since they'll be redundant)
shutdown -r now and pray a lot.

Notes:  man pax, man bsdlabel, man newfs.  All very important.


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