SCSI on v6.0

je killen jekillen at
Mon Jan 30 20:03:06 PST 2006

I have installed FreeBSD v6.0 and all is fine so far. I had the 
intention to install two SCSI drives in this
system after initial install to get it together step by step. I have 
several Books on FreeBSD including the
hard copy manuals that are obtained from FreeBSD Mall, I.E. user and 
admin manuals. Reading up
on the use of SCSI on FreeBSD i am instructed by one of the books, I 
don't remember which right now
that I have to add a kernel option and rebuild the kernel with SCSI 
support. But tonight I went ahead
and installed the adapter card, and the two drives and booted to see if 
the hardware setup had any
complaints. All seems to be well with it but I can't even hear the SCSI 
drives. I would expect 15k drives
to make some whining noise, maybe not. I am using LSI Logic adapter 
card (haven't checked for
specific FreeBSD support).
On boot there was a line to the effect 'waiting for SCSI device to 
settle'. This leads me to believe that
there may already be SCSI support in v6.0.
Q: Is this in fact true (v6.0 has SCSI support by default)?
None of the books are really current
enough for v6.0 specific info as such.

On the same subject,
Q: What is the best way to proceed with formating and partitioning the 
Redo installation process, or is there away to set them up without 
I will want to assign one of the SCSI drives to the /usr file system 
and the other
to the /var file system when the one ATA drive that is being used has 
it all now.
Anyhow, I'm being lazy with this query and I do intend to RTFM.
Thank you in advance;
Jeff k

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