Configuring a Printer - Printing Code

Mike Jeays mj001 at
Mon Jan 23 18:28:13 PST 2006

On Mon, 2006-01-23 at 18:59 -0700, Warren Block wrote:
> On Mon, 23 Jan 2006, Mark Kane wrote:
> > Hi everyone. I've been trying to get this going for quite a while, but
> > got busy. I'm finally back on it now so hopefully someone may have a
> > suggestion because I'm stumped.
> >
> > I've got a Lexmark Z52 printer shared through CUPS on the network from a
> > different machine. I've also got CUPS running on the machine I am trying
> > to get to print. It sees the shared printer and can use the CUPS
> > interface to print a test page to the printer shared by the other computer.
> >
> > The problem comes when printing from this machine. Whenever trying to
> > print, instead of printing the text of the document or website, it
> > prints a bunch of code. Here is a short sample:
> >
> > -------
> > flipXY 0 eq c3x2 c4x2 eq or
> > {false PickCoords }
> > { /shrink c3x2 c4x2 eq
> >  {0} {c1x2 c4x2 sub c3x2 c4x2 sub div abs} ifelse def
> >  /xshrink {c4x2 sub shrink mul c4x2 add} def
> > [...etc...]
> > -------
> Your network description is hard to follow, but from the description 
> given, the printer is attached to a Mac, and you are sending it print 
> jobs from a FreeBSD machine.
> What you show here is PostScript code.  The Mac is receiving your 
> PostScript print job, but misidentifying it as a text file.
> You need to find out what the Mac is expecting, and send that.  Or you 
> may be able to change the settings on the Mac, or maybe just add some 
> kind of ID string at the start of your print jobs that will help them be 
> properly identified as PostScript.
> -Warren Block * Rapid City, South Dakota USA
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Postscript files are often identified by a comment beginning with a "%"
in the first position of the file.  Try inserting a line like this at
the start of the file, and see if that works.

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