Configuring a Printer - Printing Code

Garance A Drosihn drosih at
Tue Jan 24 19:21:49 PST 2006

At 6:44 PM -0600 1/23/06, Mark Kane wrote:
>The problem comes when printing from this machine. Whenever
>trying to print, instead of printing the text of the document
>or website, it prints a bunch of code. Here is a short sample:
>flipXY 0 eq c3x2 c4x2 eq or
>{false PickCoords }
>{ /shrink c3x2 c4x2 eq
>   {0} {c1x2 c4x2 sub c3x2 c4x2 sub div abs} ifelse def
>   /xshrink {c4x2 sub shrink mul c4x2 add} def
>That machine "Mark-Kanes-Computer.local." is the machine that's
>sharing it over the network, which runs Mac OS X Jaguar.

Looks like you're sending postscript files from the FreeBSD
machine to the MacOS machine.

Pick one such postscript file.  How does it start out?  The
first line should start with the four characters:   %!PS
If it does not, then add those four characters and see what

If that doesn't work, then try sending the job using
    lpr -l

instead of a plain 'lpr' command.  That's a lowercase-L that
I'm adding there.

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