Configuring a Printer - Printing Code

Warren Block wblock at
Mon Jan 23 17:59:09 PST 2006

On Mon, 23 Jan 2006, Mark Kane wrote:

> Hi everyone. I've been trying to get this going for quite a while, but
> got busy. I'm finally back on it now so hopefully someone may have a
> suggestion because I'm stumped.
> I've got a Lexmark Z52 printer shared through CUPS on the network from a
> different machine. I've also got CUPS running on the machine I am trying
> to get to print. It sees the shared printer and can use the CUPS
> interface to print a test page to the printer shared by the other computer.
> The problem comes when printing from this machine. Whenever trying to
> print, instead of printing the text of the document or website, it
> prints a bunch of code. Here is a short sample:
> -------
> flipXY 0 eq c3x2 c4x2 eq or
> {false PickCoords }
> { /shrink c3x2 c4x2 eq
>  {0} {c1x2 c4x2 sub c3x2 c4x2 sub div abs} ifelse def
>  /xshrink {c4x2 sub shrink mul c4x2 add} def
> [...etc...]
> -------

Your network description is hard to follow, but from the description 
given, the printer is attached to a Mac, and you are sending it print 
jobs from a FreeBSD machine.

What you show here is PostScript code.  The Mac is receiving your 
PostScript print job, but misidentifying it as a text file.

You need to find out what the Mac is expecting, and send that.  Or you 
may be able to change the settings on the Mac, or maybe just add some 
kind of ID string at the start of your print jobs that will help them be 
properly identified as PostScript.

-Warren Block * Rapid City, South Dakota USA

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