X starts OK for root but fails for other user

Lorin Lund wbs at infowest.com
Mon Jan 16 20:43:52 PST 2006

I get an error message about can't find 'fixed' font. 
The font is there.  fonts.alias is there.  It mentions 'fixed'.  I
don't see anything wrong with the permissions on the font
files, font directories.  The ownership is 'root' (if I recall correctly)

What else should I look for?  What else should I check.
As root I can start gnome or the default .xinitrc.  But as
my usual user id I can't start either one.

I tried to ask this question on
xorg at freedesktop.org
but that mail bounced.  Apparently you have to join first but I
didn't see how to do that.

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