Need help for upgrading hardware

sumardi sumardi at
Mon Jan 16 21:25:16 PST 2006

Dear all,

I have DELL PowerEdge 8450 Server that act as Mail-Server, using onboard SCSI for HDD controller.Now  i want to upgrade the Storage hardware to RAID, using DELL PERC3/DC, also known as LSI Logic Elite 1600. 
Can anybody tell me, how to do that without reinstalling?? in linux, i've tried by Ghost(copy image) all the entire system, and reinstalling GRUB + initrd to boot from the new RAID controller, and it really works well. 
But i still can't find the PERC3/DC driver for FreeBSD 4.11 and didn't sure will this work.

Please help me, how to do that.

Thanks a lot  

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