New FreeBSD 6.0 system advice sought

Daniel A. ldrada at
Tue Jan 17 07:10:19 PST 2006

When I built my server a few months ago, I was asking the same
questions to myself.
At first, I decided that I would go with Apache 1.3, MySQL 4, and PHP 5.
They played along very nicely, absolutely no problems.
Later, I was asked by one of my users if I would like to upgrade to
MySQL 5. And so I did.
I've run several web apps on my server since then (phpbb, smf,
wordpress, phpmyadmin, etc), and it seems that all of these are either
updated to support MySQL 5. I've never had any compatibility issues
with that.
So, my personal and biased suggestion would be Apache 1.3, MySQL 5 and PHP5.

On 1/17/06, JD Arnold <jdarnold at> wrote:
> So, I'm building a replacement 6.0 system from the bare metal, moving
> over my 4.11 server data after I'm done.  I've started from a minimal
> installation, and I'm looking for some input.
> 1] Apache - do I stay with 1.3 or move on up to the 2.x branch?
> 2] MySQL - do I stay with the 3.x (!), or move to the v4 or v5 branch?
> 3] What would be the best order to do the installation, or does it matter?
> * Apache
> * MySQL
> * mod_php5
> I'm really just running it as a web server, with php & MySQL support and
> not much else.
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