How to access of linux and windows XP desktop simaltaneously

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Anirban Adhikary thusly...
> Presently my os is Windows-XP.But i want to have the entire linux
> desktop along with my present desktop.I am connected with an
> existing network.Presently i get the LINUX server access with
> PUTTY software. I cant use telnet or SSH type utilities.But I want
> that I have the windows and linux destop simaltaneously.How can i
> do this?

Install Linux, rather FreeBSD (this being, well, a FreeBSD mailing
list), on a machine separate from the Windows one.  Connect the two
via a switch.  Run Humming Bird Exceed, VNC, or some such software
-- which will show the "desktop" of your newly acquired FreeBSD
machine running X11 -- on your Windows machine.  And you have both
Windows & FreeBSD graphical interfaces available to you.

Do not forget to guard your internal network from the rest of the
Internet via a firewall or by virtue of being not connected to the

  - Parv


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