How to access of linux and windows XP desktop simaltaneously

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> How about a dual-boot system?
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>> Subject: How to access of linux and windows XP desktop simaltaneously
>> Hi guys
>> This is Anirban here.Presently my os is Windows-XP.But i want
>> to have the entire linux desktop along with my present
>> desktop.I am connected with an existing network.Presently i
>> get the LINUX server access with PUTTY software. I cant use
>> telnet or SSH type utilities.But I want that I have the
>> windows and linux destop simaltaneously.How can i do this?
>> with regards
>> Anirban.

	No offense, but *BSD != Linux, so the logic for asking that type of  
question here will most likely give you unfavorable responses.
	If you want simultaneous OSes, look into using an emulator like  
VMWare (usable on Linux, Windows), or VirtualPC (usable on Windows  
only), or try looking online for information about Wine if you want  
to run select Windows programs (requires a large degree of hacks to  
accomplish) on top of any POSIX enabled Unix operating system.

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