How to access of linux and windows XP desktop simaltaneously

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>> Presently my os is Windows-XP.But i want to have the entire linux
>> desktop along with my present desktop.I am connected with an
>> existing network.Presently i get the LINUX server access with
>> PUTTY software. I cant use telnet or SSH type utilities.But I want
>> that I have the windows and linux destop simaltaneously.How can i
>> do this?
> Install Linux, rather FreeBSD (this being, well, a FreeBSD mailing
> list), on a machine separate from the Windows one.  Connect the two
> via a switch.  Run Humming Bird Exceed, VNC, or some such software
> -- which will show the "desktop" of your newly acquired FreeBSD
> machine running X11 -- on your Windows machine.  And you have both
> Windows & FreeBSD graphical interfaces available to you.

Alternatively, install the rdesktop port on your FreeBSD box and use
it to display the Microsoft desktop.  This has the advantage of being
more comfortable and also being free.

> Do not forget to guard your internal network from the rest of the
> Internet via a firewall or by virtue of being not connected to the
> Internet.

I'd strongly recommend firewalling off the Microsoft box altogether
and only allow it to access the Internet via your FreeBSD box.

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