quotas + jail ?

Vladimir Dvorak dvorakv at vdsoft.org
Wed Jan 11 01:29:56 PST 2006


I have simple question - is possible to use quotas in jail(8) environment ?

I set up my system as follows:
1. this is setting in "main" environment
cat /etc/fstab | grep VSERVERS
/dev/ad3s1f             /VSERVERS       ufs    
2       2

2. this is setting in jail(8)
/dev/ad3s1f  /    ufs

But still cannot use quotas in jail. I thought if I have access to
quotagroup and quotauser files, I can simply use quotas advantages.

I try

root at machine1# /etc/rc.d/quota restart
quotaoff: /: Operation not permitted
quotaoff: /: Operation not permitted
Checking quotas: done.
Enabling quotas:quotaon: using /quotagroup on
quotaon: /: Operation not permitted
quotaon: using /quotauser on
quotaon: /: Operation not permitted

It seems to be impossible ( some kernel restriction ). :-( Is there some
way to allow this ? My last idea was to replicate users and groups to
"main" system and use quotas from it - but it is not good solution if we
have several hundreds users in jail(8).

Thank you !

Vladimir Dvorak

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