search by date

Erik Norgaard norgaard at
Wed Jan 11 04:39:41 PST 2006

Chris Collins wrote:

> Can somebody tell me how to search for files by the date they were created.
> Maybe somebody has a script they have created and would like to share. I
> have about 5000 files in different directories I would like to backup crated
> prior to 2003 and then delete. Any ideas?

Check find(1)

Unfortunately if you try to specify a specific age this is not in Unix 
time but in 24h intervals relative to when find was started.

The -newer option on the other hand allows you to find all files 
created/accessed/modified since the times of a given file.

The idea is that if you do incremental backups, you stamp a file in the 
backup dir and use that as reference to find which files have been 
modified since last backup.

Cheers, Erik

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