FreeBSD 6 - Do i need both CD1 and CD2 ?

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Tue Jan 3 11:59:20 PST 2006

> On 1/3/06, Jerry McAllister <jerrymc at> wrote:
> > Just a question here -- What do you mean until it goes stable?
> > FreeBSD 6.0 is already at RELEASE which is beyond stable.
> > So you have the terminology mangled or just the typing?
> You're right: per the FreeBSD world, I've botched the two terms.  But
> if we're talking pure semantics, wouldn't you be more likely to
> entrust something labelled "STABLE" over a similar thing labelled
> "RELEASE"? ;)

Well, not if stable means just barely able to run without falling 
all over itself. 
 -- And release means solid reliable product, approved for general use.

Yah, stable is better than alpha or the bleeding edge 'current' development
image, but still in need of significant care.

Think of how they report someone's health condition after a trauma.
Stable seems to mean they can finally move the patient from the operating
room to a bed with monitors and walk down and get lunch.   But, the patient
is still a long way from being able to drive home.

Just so, a FreeBSD version spends a long time in stable before 
making it to RELEASE.


> And of course, I'm now much more interested that procedure than I was
> a few minutes ago!

Good luck on that.    I normally install from scratch rather than
do major level upgrades.


> Thanks,
> ~John

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