Ports dependencies questions (php5-mysql-5.1.1 and php5-mysqli-5.1.1)

Ian Lord lordi at msdi.ca
Tue Jan 3 09:56:24 PST 2006


I have installed the ports php5-mysql-5.1.1 and php5-mysqli-5.1.1
during the make, the port mysql-client-4.1.16 got installed

I need the newer version of mysql-client-5.x

When I try to install it, I get an error saying I 
cannot install because mysql-client-4.1.16 is already installed.
If I try to uninstall mysql-client-4.1.16 using 
pkg_delete I get an error because 
php5-mysql-5.1.1 and php5-mysqli-5.1.1 requires it...

So is there a better way to install php5 with 
mysql support, or can the maintainer of this port 
change it so we can use mysql-client-5x or am I doing something stupid ? :)


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