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Wed Feb 22 10:44:22 PST 2006

Mike Hernandez wrote:

> On 2/22/06, poria hariry <phd473 at> wrote:
>>Hi Dear Sirs
>>  i am a ICT student . i have a project that moust install freebsd and sharing file whit windows but i have a problem
>>  i can not open Xwindow . can you help me  about this.
>>  tnx
> 1. You don't need Xwindows to share a file with anyone, not even
> windows machines, believe it or not :)
> 2. Once you have your network set up properly (see the handbook), move on to 3.
> 3. In my opinion, you really need help with samba, not freebsd (all
> you have to do is install samba, which is as easy as cd
> /usr/ports/wherever/samba/is/hiding/ ; make install) samba
> documentation is plentiful on the web, ask google... the only issues
> that might be freebsd specific when it comes to samba involve the
> location of the config files and binaries. I could be wrong...
> good luck :)
> Mike

Mike's advice is sound.  There is, perhaps, even a simpler solution:

1) Install FreeBSD
2) Configure the network correctly
3) Use the 'smbfs' facility to create a shared directory between
    Windows and FreeBSD.  That way you don't have to fiddle with samba.

Just my .000002 cents/euros/drachmas/sheckels/pounds/yuan/yen worth ;)

As Mike points out, you do *not* need X or any GUI tools to do any of this.
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