help i need a help

Mike Hernandez sequethin at
Wed Feb 22 10:06:37 PST 2006

On 2/22/06, poria hariry <phd473 at> wrote:
> Hi Dear Sirs
>   i am a ICT student . i have a project that moust install freebsd and sharing file whit windows but i have a problem
>   i can not open Xwindow . can you help me  about this.
>   tnx

1. You don't need Xwindows to share a file with anyone, not even
windows machines, believe it or not :)
2. Once you have your network set up properly (see the handbook), move on to 3.
3. In my opinion, you really need help with samba, not freebsd (all
you have to do is install samba, which is as easy as cd
/usr/ports/wherever/samba/is/hiding/ ; make install) samba
documentation is plentiful on the web, ask google... the only issues
that might be freebsd specific when it comes to samba involve the
location of the config files and binaries. I could be wrong...

good luck :)


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