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Greg Barniskis nalists at
Wed Feb 22 11:16:58 PST 2006

Tim Daneliuk wrote:

> As Mike points out, you do *not* need X or any GUI tools to do any of this.

Well, you don't need a GUI to access the files and share them in the 
sense of raw file share functionality. I think perhaps the OP was 
getting at "sharing" at a higher level, like Windows User A being 
able to hand off an Office file to FreeBSD User B and User B being 
able to whip out OpenOffice and edit that file.

There's probably a few on this list who'd be comfortable editing an 
Office doc in vi, but I personally wouldn't recommend it. 8)

A /complete/ sharing solution may need to include the users and 
their need for some X Windows apps. The OP didn't state such a need 
explicitly but to me it seemed implied that the FreeBSD PC needs to 
open the Windows files and probably vice versa.

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