Making APC 500 Back UPS (basic) work with FreeBSD

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Wed Feb 22 03:07:39 PST 2006

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>Then, thats got to be a really old, old one. I've been working (playing
>with actually) with computers since the color computer. I won't admit
>to anything further back than that. I've never seen one that didn't
>have some means of communication (monitoring). Not from APC anyway.

APC has made a lot of older BackUPSs that didn't have the com port
that date back to the Color Computer days, you just wern't paying
attention.  For example the BackUPS 200VA (that unit was discontinued
years ago) didn't have one, neither did the BackUPS 250 and 300 VA
units from that era.  (all of those are discontinued)  However the
models that didn't have the com port back in the olden days, were all
very low, low VA units, under 350VA.

It wasn't until modern times that APC decided to screw it all up.


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