How to add 'polling' in rc.conf to the ifconfig line?

Rob spamrefuse at
Mon Feb 20 21:13:06 PST 2006


With 5.X, polling was enabled by setting the
sysctl variable. However, with 6-Stable this
seems to be depreciated; instead polling should
be added per interface in the ifconfig line.

I used to have this in /etc/rc.conf:

ifconfig_sk0="inet netmask"
ifconfig_sk0_alias0="ether 00:50:bf:33:01:01"

(Note that I need the alias0 line, to enforce a
particular hardware address for the interface)

How do I add polling here?
When I add 'polling' at the end of either line,
then the configuration is not done properly or
even not done at all.


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