fastboot: hangs afer console line "Rebooting"

Rob spamrefuse at
Mon Feb 20 22:52:47 PST 2006


I have bought a 'naked' motherboard (no case) and
assembled it to a computer myself (adding CPU, RAM
etc. myself). It's an ASUS P4S8X-MX with SIS chips.

It works all fine, except for the fastboot command.
Bootup from cold machine and shutdown all works
perfectly ("shutdown -p now" switches off the power).

However, when I do a 'fastboot', the console displays
the machine's down procedure, and then says:


but nothing happens anymore after this.
I have to power off/on the machine, in order to
boot again.

Any idea why this is happening?
Are specific settings on the motherboard or in
the BIOS relevant to such a reboot?


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