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Sun Feb 19 22:50:16 PST 2006

PC-BSD is based on FreeBSD, but is easier to install.  Maybe demo that.

On 2/19/06, Kris Wieschhaus <ktrw25 at> wrote:
>    I am a college student at HLG college. I am a Computer Information
>    Systems major and I have chosen to present FreeBSD to my class as a
>    final project. I downloaded version 6.0 from the freeBSD Site. I made
>    a bootable CD-ROM from the ISO image disc one. The installation seemed
>    to have went ok, but when I go to put a password in for the root user
>    nothing happens. When I type letters the insertion point (cursor) just
>    stays in the same place as if no letters are being typed. When I turn
>    it on now it seems to boot up fine. After I type in my login name and
>    password I am unsure of how to install or run an application, which I
>    am required to do for the project. I have tried finding a basic
>    tutorial on the internet, but have been unable to do so. Please
>    Help!!!
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