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Sun Feb 19 20:32:57 PST 2006

On Sun, 19 Feb 2006 21:23:09 -0600
"Kris Wieschhaus" <ktrw25 at> wrote:

>    I am a college student at HLG college. I am a Computer
> Information Systems major and I have chosen to present FreeBSD to
> my class as a final project. I downloaded version 6.0 from the
> freeBSD Site. I made a bootable CD-ROM from the ISO image disc one.
> The installation seemed to have went ok, but when I go to put a
> password in for the root user nothing happens. When I type letters
> the insertion point (cursor) just stays in the same place as if no
> letters are being typed. When I turn it on now it seems to boot up
> fine. After I type in my login name and password I am unsure of how
> to install or run an application, which I am required to do for the
> project. I have tried finding a basic tutorial on the internet, but
> have been unable to do so. Please Help!!!

Check out the documentation on You want to specifically
pay lots of attention to the handbook.

The password part is suppose to work that way. It does not show what
is being typed nor does it show how many characters are present. This
feature makes it in possible to guess the number of characters by
watching the screen.

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