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On Feb 19, 2006, at 7:23 PM, Kris Wieschhaus wrote:

>   I am a college student at HLG college. I am a Computer Information
>   Systems major and I have chosen to present FreeBSD to my class as a
>   final project. I downloaded version 6.0 from the freeBSD Site. I made
>   a bootable CD-ROM from the ISO image disc one. The installation 
> seemed
>   to have went ok, but when I go to put a password in for the root user
>   nothing happens. When I type letters the insertion point (cursor) 
> just
>   stays in the same place as if no letters are being typed. When I turn
>   it on now it seems to boot up fine. After I type in my login name and
>   password I am unsure of how to install or run an application, which I
>   am required to do for the project. I have tried finding a basic
>   tutorial on the internet, but have been unable to do so. Please
>   Help!!!

You can get a printed manual both user and admin volumes from
Also No Starch Press publishes a book titled 'Absolute BSD' by Michael 
It is available through the O'Reilly publications site, or from stores 
like Barnes and
Noble. There is also a book called FreeBSD Unleashed, but it may be out 
of date
as it seems only to cover versions up to 4x. None of these cover 
changes in v6,
specifically xfree86 has been replaced by This might throw you 
off, it did me
but I learned that there doesn't seem to be a significant difference. 
The only difference
I found was the X windows configuration script name, xorgconfig.
Hope this helps;
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