incorrect superblock error when mounting partition

Dave dmehler26 at
Sun Feb 19 01:54:15 PST 2006

    I've got a 10 gb ide drive that has critical data on one of it's 
partitions /dev/ad1e. This drive was originally gmirrored in another box it 
worked fine, it was the master drive. Now i've installed this drive as a 
slave in another 6.0 box, and now it shows up as ad1 with the partition i 
want being ad1e. I did a mount -o ro /dev/ad1e /mnt and i'm getting an error 
"Incorrect superblock" from mount. I then tried fsck /dev/ad1e and got the 
same error msg. These partitions were formatted with ufs2 as their 
filesystem. I then ran bsdlabel ad1 and got a printout of my label, this 
showed up which gives me hope that this data can be retrieved. An error i'm 
getting says that the c: partition does not cover the entire disk and that 
may result in utilities not working. Any help appreciated.
    Some urgency!

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