Robert Slade bsd at
Sun Feb 19 07:38:11 PST 2006

On Sun, 2006-02-19 at 08:54, FuLLBLaST wrote:
> Dear FreeBSD developers,
> I've installed FreeBSD on my home computer and i'm having following
> problems:
Hello and welcome

> 1)
>  When starting up system, after each login i must type "startx" to enable
> the desktop environment.

This is covered in the handbook. You need to use a display manager to
give you graphical logons; see the section on KDM etc on this page:

> 2)
> I've installed KDE, as it's described in your handbook, but when i try to
> improve screen resolution, there're only "640x480" option. This screen
> resolution is very poor for my 17-inch TFT display.
> Please, help me to resolve described problems.

Have you tied to set the default resolution as per the handbook?

You should have only one resolution listed.


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