Blocking an individual email address

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Thu Feb 16 07:34:04 PST 2006

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> Jim Csoka wrote:
> > No...I ran make maps, as well as make install for the blacklist feature,
> > and make restart.
> >
> > However, here is something interesting.  When I access my corporate
> > email via openwebmail, it functions as I would cannot send
> > or receive to the given address.  However, when using Outlook Express
> > (internal mail client at work), you can still send mail to the address I
> > am trying to block.
> >
> > Why should this be so?
> >
> Are you sure Outlook Express is configured to use your FreeBSD server
> for SMTP? Send an email to yourself using Outlook Express then look at
> the message source and check the headers to verify which SMTP server
> is sending the message.
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> Ken Stevenson
> Allen-Myland Inc.

Yes, I'm sure.  It is the incoming and outgoing SMTP server.  It's the only
one we have.


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