Blocking an individual email address

Ken Stevenson ken at
Thu Feb 16 07:31:40 PST 2006

Jim Csoka wrote:
> No...I ran make maps, as well as make install for the blacklist feature, 
> and make restart.
> However, here is something interesting.  When I access my corporate 
> email via openwebmail, it functions as I would cannot send 
> or receive to the given address.  However, when using Outlook Express 
> (internal mail client at work), you can still send mail to the address I 
> am trying to block.
> Why should this be so?
Are you sure Outlook Express is configured to use your FreeBSD server 
for SMTP? Send an email to yourself using Outlook Express then look at 
the message source and check the headers to verify which SMTP server 
is sending the message.

Ken Stevenson
Allen-Myland Inc.

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