best approach to clone a disk?

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Tue Feb 14 09:16:41 PST 2006

On Feb 14, 2006, at 12:04 PM, Don Hinton wrote:

> Hi Joe:
> On Tuesday 14 February 2006 10:49, Joe Auty wrote:
>> Okay,
>> In taking the advice of an earlier poster in suggesting that the
>> instructions located here:
>> Are rather old, allow me to make my question a little broader in  
>> scope:
>> What is the best way to clone a disk in FreeBSD? Do you have any  
>> step-
>> by-step instructions? The instructions I used above (even replacing
>> the restore -r flag with a -x) produced a core dump.
>> Can I use DD on two disks of different size? Do you recommend Ghost
>> for Unix? Any other suggestions or recommendations should the dump
>> command just not work for me?
> One of our grad students recently posted a how to on using Frisbee  
> here at
> ISIS.  The only difference is that you'll need another server  
> somewhere with
> imagezip install instead of ours.  You can find the how to here:
> Using_Frisbee_to_take_an_image_of_a_hard_drive
> Please let us know if it contains any omissions or errors and we'll  
> fix the
> page.  Btw, I've been told that this will only image a partition,  
> not the
> master boot record, so you'll need that on the destination as well.
> This is what emulab uses to image drives, and works for several OS's,
> including FreeBSD, Linux, and Windows.
> hth...
> don

Thanks Don!

However, I'm not completely sure that I have the disk space available  
to create an image. I was actually looking to do a complete copy of  
one local disk to another local disk, not create an image of the disk  
for deployment. Do these instructions still apply?

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