Xeon CPU temp

chris at i13i.com chris at i13i.com
Sat Feb 11 11:59:56 PST 2006

try reading up on cpufreq and the acpi thermal sensors as i beleive they
arn't loaded by a generic kernel you acpi_thermal i beleive it's called.


> Wasn't sure if this would be better directed to -hardware.
> I'm attempting to read the temperatures of my CPUs on my dual Xeon Tyan
> 2720 running 5.4-STABLE.
> According to the manual, the motherboard has supports diagnostics via
> smbus, so I dutifully built a new kernel with the smbus and i2c options.
>   The docs says Winbond 83782D is accessible on slave 0x29 for CPU fans,
> voltage and system temperature.  The W83627HF at slave 0x2A has 3
> addtional chassis fan sensors.
> So far, no problem.  I've been able to read these via healthd, xmbmon or
> lmmon.  I've fiddled with them a bit to make sure they're looking at the
> right slave address, but other than that reading the smbus makes sense.
> Here's where I'm stuck.  The manual says the Xeons have on-chip thermal
> sensors at slave 0x18 & 0x19, both at bank 0 and register 0.  When I try
> to read these, I get a "Device not configured" error from the ioctl call.
> I've come across a few refs to the hw.acpi.thermal.tz1.temperature
> sysctl, but that OID's apparently not available to me.
> Any suggestions?
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