Xeon CPU temp

Brad Waite freebsd at wcubed.net
Sat Feb 11 11:04:23 PST 2006

Wasn't sure if this would be better directed to -hardware.

I'm attempting to read the temperatures of my CPUs on my dual Xeon Tyan 
2720 running 5.4-STABLE.

According to the manual, the motherboard has supports diagnostics via 
smbus, so I dutifully built a new kernel with the smbus and i2c options. 
  The docs says Winbond 83782D is accessible on slave 0x29 for CPU fans, 
voltage and system temperature.  The W83627HF at slave 0x2A has 3 
addtional chassis fan sensors.

So far, no problem.  I've been able to read these via healthd, xmbmon or 
lmmon.  I've fiddled with them a bit to make sure they're looking at the 
right slave address, but other than that reading the smbus makes sense.

Here's where I'm stuck.  The manual says the Xeons have on-chip thermal 
sensors at slave 0x18 & 0x19, both at bank 0 and register 0.  When I try 
to read these, I get a "Device not configured" error from the ioctl call.

I've come across a few refs to the hw.acpi.thermal.tz1.temperature 
sysctl, but that OID's apparently not available to me.

Any suggestions?

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