Additional Hard Drive Prblems

Devin Miller dmiller at
Sat Feb 11 12:28:23 PST 2006

Hello Everyone,

Thanks in advanced for helping me. 

I am doing a new install of FreeBSD 6.0 RELEASE

My computer is a Dell PowerEdge 400sc

I have 2 hard drives installed in the computer:  1 80GB IDE hard drive and 1
200 GB SATA hard drive

I can install FreeBSD on the IDE drive (detected as ad0) fine and have no
problems.  The issue arises after the install when I try to fdisk and Label
the SATA drive (detected as ad4).  I want to use the SATA drive as a depot
of sorts to hold all my media. 

I use sysinstall after the installation to slice and label the drive.  After
I do this and reboot FreeBSD will not boot properly. I usually get just a
blinking cursor where the boot loader should be or an invalid partition
error.  I have tried installing with a boot loader, without a boot loader, I
have verified I am slicing and labeling the correct disk.  I'm kind of at my
wits end.  I have reloaded about 10 times trying various ideas.  Any ideas
on what I could be doing wrong?  Thanks for any help given.

Devin Miller


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