Script to generate names

Kristian Vaaf vaaf at
Fri Feb 3 02:08:00 PST 2006


I'm looking for pointers on how to make a simple shell script that will
generate new names based on words (one word per line) from two different
files, and output these to a third file.

This would be nice to come up with new cool names,
either for business or pleasure.

The first file will be a list of custom words.
The second file will be /usr/local/share/dict/words.

If the first word in the custom list is "apathy" and the first word in the
dictionary file is "alien", it will generate:


To a third file. And then continue with the rest of the words ...

A friend told me I could do something like this:

for i in $(<list1) $(<list2) ; do echo -n $i ; done && echo >> list 3

Do you all think the same?

Thank you so much,

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