Script to generate names

Kristian Vaaf vaaf at
Fri Feb 3 02:12:32 PST 2006

I forgot to say;

The script should mix the first word in the first list,
front and back, with all the words in the second list before
it continues to the second word in the first list.

I hope that made sense ;)

Thanks again ...

At 11:08 03.02.2006, you wrote:

>I'm looking for pointers on how to make a simple shell script that will
>generate new names based on words (one word per line) from two different
>files, and output these to a third file.
>This would be nice to come up with new cool names,
>either for business or pleasure.
>The first file will be a list of custom words.
>The second file will be /usr/local/share/dict/words.
>If the first word in the custom list is "apathy" and the first word in the
>dictionary file is "alien", it will generate:
>To a third file. And then continue with the rest of the words ...
>A friend told me I could do something like this:
>for i in $(<list1) $(<list2) ; do echo -n $i ; done && echo >> list 3
>Do you all think the same?
>Thank you so much,
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