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Kövesdán Gábor gabor.kovesdan at
Wed Feb 1 07:49:38 PST 2006

Lisa Casey wrote:

> Hi,
> My company (a medium sized ISP) has decided to replace one of our mail 
> servers. We need more CPU power, memory, etc. My boss is talking about 
> getting 2 good size hard drives with a raid card to mirror these. I 
> was planning to install FreeBSD 5.3 (because that's the latest distro 
> I have CD's for) unless anyone has a good reason why not.
> I'll be installing Sendmail, mimedefang/spamassassin (somewhat CPU 
> intensive), bind (for  a caching name server), Qpopper, procmail. We 
> currently have 500 - 600 mail accounts on the current server, and plan 
> to move these to the new server plus use the new one for growth (I 
> don't know how quickly new mail accounts will be added, but say 20 to 
> 50 accounts per month.

I'd suggest using courier-imap or something else instead of qpopper. 
Afaik, qpopper supports only the mailbox format, which is slower and 
less secure than the maildir format used by modern pop3/imap servers. 
Courier-imap has a pop3 and an imap part, both of them have SSL support 
and are easily configurable. Your company migth benefit from running an 
imap server too. It has a bunch of advantages over pop3, so this might 
make your users feel more appreciated.


Gabor Kovesdan

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