Getting a new server

Lisa Casey lisa at
Wed Feb 1 08:57:33 PST 2006

Hi Gabor,

> I'd suggest using courier-imap or something else instead of qpopper. 
> Afaik, qpopper supports only the mailbox format, which is slower and less 
> secure than the maildir format used by modern pop3/imap servers. 
> Courier-imap has a pop3 and an imap part, both of them have SSL support 
> and are easily configurable. Your company migth benefit from running an 
> imap server too. It has a bunch of advantages over pop3, so this might 
> make your users feel more appreciated.

I agree you have a pointg here, my main concerns are:

1) I'm used to Sendmail/Qpopper. I'm used to installing these, maintaining 
these and troubleshooting these. I also want changing over the mail server 
to be as seamless as possible for our customers. So I don't really want to 
add a Courier-imap learning curve (for both myself and my customers) right 
on top of things.

2) I also am used to (and kind of like) having all of the mailboxes in one 
location on the system (/var/mail/). How much of a performance hit is there 
in mbox mailboxes vs mdir format mailboxes?

Lisa Casey

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